POSITION: Team Member of growing and expanding central Ohio Landscaping Company. Position is part time, leading to full time in March of 2008. EXCELLENT career prospects within this forward thinking firm for quality educated and experienced people. We have a very low turn over rate with very satisfied team members. We are conscious about quality work, attention to detail and expect team members to do the same. Position will include a variety of work including mowing, clean ups, Christmas lights, snow plowing, fertilization and new design and installation. Applicants must be able to work in a team atmosphere and share responsibility for every phase of projects.

EDUCATION REQUIRED: We require that you have experience in the industry of four years or more or hold a degree in landscaping from an accredited educational institution of higher learning. Those who hold certifications including OCNT, Commercial Applicator, industry certification training programs or BS or Associate degrees will receive greater consideration. We hold a high standard for all employees. We may drug test and will conduct background checks. We will not hire individuals with a criminal background.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, click here to download our employment application.