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MirrorScapes Services include:
  • Lawn Mowing Services
  • Pest Treatment Services
  • Weed Treatment Services
  • Tree Installation
  • Landscaping Design & Installation
  • Mulching Needs
  • Landscape Renovations
  • Lawn Renovations
  • Hardscapes including paver patios and retainer walls
  • Fall & Spring Clean Ups
  • Snow and Ice Management Services


MirrorScapes Lawn and Landscaping offers a free lawn consultation when we meet with you for your estimate. Our staff is ready to provide you with a top quality cut each and every time we service your lawn. Our well maintained machines will provide a high quality mowing since we scrape our mower decks daily and always keep the blades sharp. We will maintain a mowing height of 3 to 3.5 inches and establish a mowing pattern that is sure to keep your lawn looking excellent! The mowing season starts in mid - April and ends around the end of October or early November for a total of approximately 26 visits. Services are performed on a seven-day cycle, weather permitting of course. During times of faster than normal growth you may want to request more frequent mowing. Our staff will trim around trees, fences, etc. as well as maintain the edges along beds, walks, drives, and curbs. Upon completion of all mowing and trimming any debris will be blown off from drives, walks, decks, and patios.


The benefits of core aeration are substantial to maintain a healthy looking lawn. It promotes new growth and a deeper root structure as well as helping with fertilizer uptake and water absorption. Plus it relieves compacted soils and allows the soil to breath. Once a year, normally in the spring, this simple process is done with a machine that will pull plugs the size of your pinky finger from your turf. About twenty plugs are pulled from a two-foot square. They then will dissolve back into the ground from rain or watering and the microorganisms in the soil will help decompose any thatch. Thatch is caused from poor root development, not from dead grass clippings, so it helps eliminate thatch problems.


The importance of lawn rolling is sometimes overlooked. The main reason to roll your lawn is to smooth out the bumps from springtime thawing. During the day temperatures get higher and the ground thaws, then at night the temperatures drop and the ground freeze again causing clusters to pop up from the constant thawing and freezing. These bumps or clusters will not go away unless your lawn is rolled causing it to be awkward while walking across the lawn. After rolling your lawn will be smooth, which will result in, better looking cuts since our equipment will be riding on an even surface. The best time to roll a lawn is after the last frost in May.


You can choose to have from one to five applications of fertilizer each year. Early spring is time for crabgrass prevention. The  pre-emergent smothers the crabgrass seeds so they can’t grow. Also we will be adding nutrients to your soil to help the grass grow better during the entire growing season. Next would be a weed n feed application, which helps control up to 50 broadleaf weeds including dandelions. We may also spray your yard with a weed control herbicide if necessary. Again we will be adding nutrients to the soil to help your grass survive the summer. Apply this in late spring. During the summer you can have some insect control put down if needed. To tell this simply take a walk through your lawn and look for little white moths to fly up. If you see them you have grubs feeding on your roots. Otherwise just put down some feed. The fourth application is called a fall booster and is put down in the fall. It is available  as a weed n feed, This is the best time to control weeds for the up-coming year.
This is the preferred type if you only plan to have fertilizer applied once a year since it promotes good root development to help the grass survive and also causes early spring green up. Our fifth program involves a final application of fertilizer to help your grass survive the winter months and be ready for the next spring. We can tailor our programs to your needs depending upon the condition of your grass and problems you may encounter.


Let us maintain your beds by keeping them full of good mulch. We can re-establish a spaded edge at the same time. All weeds are hand pulled and then a non-selective herbicide can be used to keep beds weed free thru out the growing season. In the fall we will remove dead foliage from perennials and prepare them for the winter. Trimming of shrubs and bushes are performed thru out the season as need be.


In the spring it is important to rake up any material from lawn areas prior to the first mowing. Usually if a good fall clean up was done then a spring-cleaning isn’t so bad. Any raking of turf in the spring must be done before any crabgrass preventor can be applied or it will be ineffective. The same goes with aerification. Fall clean-ups are usually performed twice to get as much debris up as possible before winter is upon us. Please check with your area for leaf pick up programs so we can schedule accordingly.


Our snow management contracts are customizable to meet your needs. We plow and shovel snow and can apply salt and ice melt.

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